With Sarah Geo Walton

GentleBirth knows that a positive birth can look many different ways and that there is never a one-size-fits-all route.

Our workshop encourages people to be curious about the process by helping to explore common birth paths, our perception of pain, how to mentally and emotionally navigate options, the differences between interventions and solutions, comfort measures, individual preferences

and how to let those be known.

You will find yourself able to both navigate and handle

whatever path your birth takes.

The GentleBirth App provides everything you need for a more relaxed positive pregnancy, birth and parenting journey. Each day you’ll be guided through our unique brain training program tailored exactly to your circumstances. You’ll learn simple effective breathing, mindfulness and medical hypnosis techniques that you’ll use long after your baby arrives.

Discounted rates available to those who qualify for Reno Doula Project services.