Reno Doula Project Doulas


Erin Griffith

Birth Doula, Postpartum Doula, Childbirth Educator -

After having two children of her own, Erin changed career paths as life was guiding her towards her passion of supporting other women, especially during pregnancy, birth and in parenting. With her own children, Erin has experienced her child having surgery at 23 hours old, a high risk pregnancy, and a colic baby. Through these experiences, Erin learned there weren't enough resources and community support for women and families. Erin has a passion to support all families but a particular passion is serving families that don't have a lot of support, are facing tough decisions, in addiction or recovery, in tough relationships, and/or just want someone there just in case - which is a beautiful reason to have a doula. That just in case might be decision you face, information that is tough to process in the middle of birth, or just a hand to hold and someone to say - you got this!

She will provide you resources, information and support to guide you towards your choices along your pregnancy and birth. Many decision points can be confusing - it will be her goal to provide you evidenced based information and individualized support without judgement or pressure.

There is nothing more important than choice. Choice gives you confidence, makes you feel grounded, and keeps you connected to your vision of birth.

Your birth, your way.


Samantha DeAndrea

Full Spectrum Doula, Midwifery Student -

Samantha is a full-spectrum doula, student midwife with Indie Birth, an astrologer and tarot counselor, and a single mother raising two beautiful humans. She has been trained by DONA, was a certified breastfeeding counselor from 2014-2017, breastfed her children for a combined total of 7.5 years, and is attuned as a reiki master. She is passionate psycho-spiritual integration, respectful parenting, and radical reproductive rights and justice. Currently, Samantha lives in her RV with her 2 kids on land in the Sierra Valley where she is involved in creating intentional community! Samantha believes that our reproductive rites of passage are transformative and deeply personal. Our identities are altered as we contemplate what it means to be channels for life as well as still being individuals beyond this role.  When she became pregnant with her daughter at nineteen years old, she began a journey of conscious spiritual and personal responsibility. Samantha desires to bring more awareness to the connection between physical and spiritual-emotional bodies to alchemize our experience and support holistic health. She approaches birth work as a partner and supportive role in your care and decision making by providing childbirth education, spiritual counseling and offering family centered attention to aid your understanding and integration of the process. Ultimately, this is your experience, your body, your baby, and your choice. She hopes not to introduce you to your intuition and ability to be empowered through birth, but to help you to remember that it already exists inside of you by fostering confidence through knowledge, sacredness, and consciousness. We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams. We are the creators of life, and you were made for this. 

Lauren "Lo" Kalogridis

Birth and Postpartum Doula

Lo's background as a social worker, youth educator and formally trained dancer led her to doula work in 2016. She felt a calling to birth work, as it combines elements of all of these roles: providing critical resources and information, utilizing a deep knowledge of the body, and creating powerfully intimate relationships. Lo has completed birth and postpartum doula trainings with both Ancient Song Doula Services and Doula Trainings International, and has also earned a Master of Social Work degree. Her clinical training has equipped her with an understanding of how trauma histories can be triggered during the perinatal period, and how traumatic stress manifests in the body, as well as in the mind and spirit. Lo believes everyone has the right to childbearing experiences marked by self-determination, dignity, and safety. She particularly strives to support folks who face challenges to receiving the kind of compassionate and competent care they deserve because of their race, gender, sexuality, age, class, immigration status, ability, or other identities. She understands that as a birthing person, you have the ability and the right to determine the best decisions for you and your family. The role of the doula is to assist you in practically navigating the many choices you will face, as well as to help you minimize fear throughout this process. Above all, Lo will support you (and your partner) to feel connected, equipped, capable and courageous throughout your childbearing journey. 


Annsley-Rae Guillen

Birth Doula, Prenatal Yoga Instructor -

Annsley-Rae comes from a big family so babies and mommas were a constant. That nurturing feeling she was always surrounded with left a lasting impression on her. After traveling to Africa and witnessing the condition that laboring mothers were in, her love for birth, birth work, and mother’s having a voice bloomed. She has completed her training through DONA International and Arhanta Yoga Academy.  Annsley-Rae will be your biggest cheerleader and advocate as you go through this life-changing moment in time. She believes that your birth should be something that is magical and something between you and your baby. Annsley-Rae is here to push you into a level of strength you may not know you even have. She is here to help you own and succeed in your birthing experience.  


Alyssa Stewart

Birth Doula, Postpartum Doula - 

Alyssa has always thought of birth as a total surreal, natural and empowering moment in and of itself. Yet upon having her own pregnancy and birth experience and being a nursing student, she found herself researching and studying nonstop as the pull of the birthing field got stronger. Alyssa will provide support spiritually, emotionally, and physically for you and your partner. She will accomplish this by paying attention to your needs, understanding, following intuition, and communicating as a team so that you may bring forth your most powerful and confident self. 

Sierra Visser

Birth and Postpartum Doula -

Even before the birth of her son, Sierra has been fascinated by birth. Over the years, she’s become more and more passionate about bringing what she’s learned to expectant families as they prepare to welcome their children into the world. Sierra believes that a laboring person already has all the power they need to birth their baby. As your doula, Sierra’s responsibility is to awaken this power. Her goal is to provide you with physical, emotional, and informational support so you can make conscious decisions for your birth.
Sierra has been fully trained as a Labor and Birth Doula through Cornerstone Doula Trainings, and she is currently in the process of obtaining certification. Sierra is committed to providing compassionate doula care to every family, tailored to their specific needs. She knows that families of marginalized groups face additional challenges, and she is dedicated to facing those challenges in a way that eases the birth experiences of her clients.


Jordan Williams

Birth Doula -

Jordan has always felt a calling towards birth work and when she found out she was pregnant with her first baby, she decided to switch careers. Jordan received her doula certification through Sumi’s touch, a program lead by a Black midwife out of Oakland, where she learned specifically about advocating for women of color and decolonizing birth. Jordan uses her unique Native/Black American lens to guide her through supporting birthing people and making birth as ceremonial as possible. Jordan herself experienced a blissful home birth with a local Reno midwife and has knowledge on how to radically support a birthing person during labor. Jordan also has experience advocating for others in a hospital setting due to her son’s previously undiagnosed disease which landed her and her family in the hospital immediately postpartum. Jordan’s favorite birth saying is, “I believe in women’s bodies’ abilities to birth their babies and I also believe in the use of modern medicine to get babies earth side safely”.

Sue Foltz - Doula(1).jpeg

Sue Foltz

Birth Doula & Breastfeeding Educator -

Momma – the best title you will ever have the honor of having. 

As a mother of 3 children, one being a very high-risk pregnancy, Sue believes that everyone deserves to be educated, supported, and encouraged during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.  

Sue is a certified DONA Birth Doula and Breastfeeding educator who retired from a 30-year career in the healthcare industry.

Sue has immersed herself as a volunteer into the Reno community after moving to the area in 2015.  As a trusted GED tutor at Casa de Vida and founder of the Read with Me Literacy Program at Mariposa Academy (a title one elementary school in Reno), encouraging others and education has always been a top priority. When a GED student and Mother-to-be at Casa de Vida approached Sue to be her birth coach, she was not only honored, but inspired to become a certified Doula.

​As part of her philanthropic endeavors, Sue has also participated in 7 mission trips to Nicaragua to bring clean water, sanitation, and education to rural communities.  Sue’s last trip was a medical mission where she was a part of bringing 13 beautiful babies into the world which ignited her passion for birth work. ​

Sue looks forward to leading new families into parenthood by empowering women in all stages of pregnancy and helping mothers understand how strong and amazing they truly are. 


Lindsey Bauer

Full Spectrum Doula, Midwifery Student-

Lindsey's mission is to provide a neutral, loving, and open environment to guide every birthing person with any birthing journey.


Lindsey is a trained full-spectrum doula, newborn specialist, and childbirth educator. With being trained as a full-spectrum doula, she has knowledge and experience with birth & infant loss, abortion, and fertility support, as well as labor and postpartum. In addition, she provides an open space to feel heard, supported, and educated, if needed.


Lindsey's journey to birth work started around high school, with her senior project being on Midwifery. After serving six years in the military, she is currently pursuing the dream of becoming a Certified Professional Midwife.


Lindsey is currently spending her free time building a house with significant help from her parents and enjoys kayaking and taking other birth workers out for lunch if she gets the chance.

Sarah Geo Walton

Director: Birth and Postpartum Doula, Placenta Encapsulator, Childbirth Educator -

Sarah grew up around birth and an empowered do it yourself environment.

Supporting others has always been, and continues to be, a large part of who she is. She is interested in paying attention to feelings, needs, and intuition to help you tap into your fierce 

birthing self and guide you to realize just how much you are truly capable of. She believes the more you know, the better it will go and is passionate about you feeling informed and empowered to make

the decisions that are right for you and your family.

She knows that every person is different and believe in fully supporting parents in the birth that they know is best for them. Her hope is to find ways to help you release any fears/anxieties and replace them with confidence and assurance.


Camisha Spears -

Birth Doula

Camisha comes from a large and diverse family here in Nevada. Ever since she was little, she had a healthy curiosity for childbirth and babies in general. As Camisha got older, she realized that there was a great need for support among pregnant women and families. Discovering her own fertility issues, ignited her fire and will to make sure that the women of rural Nevada have the birth they desire. She believes that all women should have their voices heard. Giving birth is a hard job to do, but with the right support any woman can do it! Knowing that if she wanted to adequately reach the families of Nevada, she knew that she would need the proper training under her belt. Camisha received her birth doula certification, and is continuing to further her education to be the best doula that she can be.


Tessa Miller Osborne -

Birth Doula

After having two long, painful, births of her own, Tessa began looking for ways to advocate for strong women to have the birth they need, versus the birth others think they should have. Tessa is passionate about women having the birth experience that looks like whatever they need it to be. Because of her own experience, she began to assist others in the delivery room and studied for her Doula certification under Ana Paula Markel with Bini Birth. After attending her DONA approved training, she began to work towards her DONA registration. She is passionate about her work and loves helping mothers have the most perfect birth possible. 


Emily Barney -

Birth Doula

As a small child Emily was drawn to people, always curious to chat with whomever she met. This stuck with her and over the years gave her a unique lens into the range of human experiences, which is pivotal in her approach to birth work and life in general. After nearly ten years in the restaurant industry, she honed her skills in listening between the lines and has an aptitude for moving fluidly through any situation to find calm in the chaos. She also rarely misses an opportunity to add a little laughter, as she believes joy is potent medicine for the soul.


Her career in hospitality wasn’t able to afford a work-life balance that supported her wellbeing, so she launched an exploration into a new path. She sought a career change that would allow her to create space for deeply connective work where her interactions with people weren’t fleeting or rushed, but instead intentional and nourishing. She completed her birth and postpartum doula training in less than a year after hearing the word ‘doula’ for the first time, as well as supporting her first two families postpartum. She trained with Natural Resources, a female-founded community center for families in San Francisco, and continues to expand her education here in Reno.